MAKMA and comics are historically linked. First, the two people who founded the studio have been fans of American comics since their childhood. Then, there’s the huge work that has been done by the Makmen in the field of comic publishing in France. Indeed, we’ve been doing a significant amount of work on American comic book adaptations for the French market. Whether it is for its translation or lettering, MAKMA’s signature is generally present in the credit pages of the comics you can read in France!

However, we don’t just translate or letter comics: we can also act as authors in this field. For instance, Denis Lapierre painted airbrush covers for the Cintara series. Hervé Breuil drew a pin-up for Captain Gravity (Penny Farthing Press). We’ve also colored series like Noble Causes (Image), Bloodrayne (Digital Webbing), Mask of the Gargoyle (Rapid Comics). We did the art and the coloring on three series for BlueWater Productions: 10th Muse, Zak Raven and Isis.

We wrote, drew, colored and lettered the Urban Rivals webcomic. With Division K, we even created, from start to finish, a superhero comic book that was edited in Mexico! Edmond Tourriol was able to write his bad girl comic, drawn by Samuel Ménétrier and published by Wanga: Bayou Girl ! More recently, the artist Ben Basso did a variant cover for the French version of The Secret Life of Crows which was published by Alayone.

Being huge fans of all kinds of comics, Ben, Edmond and Nicolas Duverneuil manage the news website which focuses on geek and pop culture news with a strong emphasis put on American comics and superhero movies. Furthermore, we regularly take part in round table discussions about comics, as translators or as specialists. We also hold conferences on this theme during conventions.

Do you want to create a comic book? Do you want us to take part in a comic event as a speaker specialized in comics? Contact us!