To letter comics, MAKMA has a team of specialized letterers. Makmen with a sharp eye who know how to organize the text in word balloons. If you have a book that needs to be lettered, ask us our rates for comic lettering!

In order to letter a comic well, putting the text in the word balloons is not enough. The wrong display of a balloon shouldn’t ruin the storytelling. Better yet: it will improve it if it is well displayed.

Our team is made of illustrators who can modify text and SFX included in a picture (backgrounds, signs, written notes, letters traced in fire, tattoos, everything is possible). We don’t just put an asterisk at the top of a text. Ben Basso, who is a remarkable artist, is capable of recreating every text from any type of picture, title or sign, to replace it without you being able to tell the difference from the original. It also goes without saying that we can adapt and create any type of onomatopoeia  to translate in the best way possible the SFX!

Our letterers are also font specialists, which is chosen to respect the voice of the character who is speaking, or the work’s soul. Our comic letterers are also talented in organizing the text layout in the balloons so that the white space remains homogeneous, allowing for a more pleasant reading.

Under the supervision of Stephan Boschat, one of the best French specialist of the word balloons, it’s a whole team that is working on the lettering of comics: Benjamin Basso, Bryan Wetstein, Cyril Bouquet, Jean-Baptiste Merle, Michael Boschat, Sabine Maddin and Sarah Grassart.

Our team letters comics and mangas for famous publishers: Akileos (Pogo), Dargaud (Palmer, Ça m’intéresse), Glénat Comics (Danger Girl), Disney Hachette Presse (Fantomiald, Trésors de Mickey…), HiComics (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rick and Morty…), Le Lombard (Clochette, les Promethéens), Delcourt (Star Wars), Panini (Deadpool, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Conan…), Pika (Attack on Titans Anthology), Urban Comics (Petrograd, Batman Metal, Superman, Aquaman, Suicide Squad), Urban China (Vers l’ouest)…

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