Webtoons: Since 2019, MAKMA hasn’t stopped adapting in French new episodes of those Korean comics that you can read vertically on your mobile phone! And during the next months, we have decided to take a step further by creating our own webtoons.

Translation of webtoons from Korean to French or from English to French

For now, the translators and letterers of the studio have worked on the French adaptation of the following webtoons. Most of them have been published on the Webtoon app developed by Naver:

Boyfriend of the Dead
Castle Swimmer
Cursed Princess Club
Duchesse Déchue
Fille d’Argent, Fille Corbeau
Foutue Romance
La Jacinthe Violette
Leçons de Natation pour une Sirène
Mage and Demon Queen
La Malédiction de Lalin
Midnight Poppy Land
Mon plus grand secret
Questions d’âge
Remplacement de Fortune
Sweet Home
Tombée du Ciel
Urban Animal
Winter Moon

Lettering webtoons

We’ve also lettered the following webtoons. Most of them have been published by French publisher Delitoon:

Attention au savon
Mon Dangereux Ange Gardien
L’épouse du Duc Sans-cœur
L’espionne de mon cœur
Fille d’argent, Fille corbeau
Le Jeune Maître et son Assistant
Lindsay & Lindsayan
Miss Absurdité
The Office Blind Date
Prince’s Lollipop
Les Regrets de Mademoiselle
Le Secret du Valet
Tant que vous m’aimerez 

NB: MAKMA is recruiting webtoon translators from Korean to English.

Because of our important and varied experiences in the adaptation of those Korean webcomics, and because we are also proud of our knowledge regarding the creation of comics and mangas, we have decided to create our own series starting in 2020. We are currently putting together teams to bring you our own original webtoons.

According to Edmond Tourriol, co-founder of MAKMA: “webtoons represent the future of what we call sequential art, in other words graphic narration, and what is lost in terms of layout possibilities, we gain it in terms of immersion when we are endlessly scrolling vertically to read webtoon episodes.”