Just like comics can have multiple origins, MAKMA team offers comic translation services in several languages:

  • Translation of comics from English to French (or from French to English)
  • Translation of webtoons from Korean to French
  • Translation of manhuas from Chinese (Mandarin) to French
  • Translation of comics from Dutch to French
  • Translation of comics from Spanish to French
  • Translation of comics from Portuguese to French
  • Translation of fumetti from Italian to French
  • Translation of comics from German to French

Knowledge of the language, knowledge of the culture

Our comic translators are not only knowledgeable about the language they use to translate comics (American comic books) or manhuas (Chinese mangas) but also the pop culture and civilization corresponding to each narrative universe. For instance, Sarah Grassart, who translated the manhuas Vers l’Ouest and Tales of Demons and Gods, lived in China for two years. Anne-Laure Moumal, who translated Bob et Bobette, lives in Brussels. Nick Meylaender has both French and English nationalities. Stéphane Le Troëdec holds conferences about comic books. Philippe Dos Santos is of Portuguese descent. Romane Kim, who is a webtoon translator, is Korean.

Translating dialogues

Translating comics, webtoons or manhuas isn’t only about translating a text, it’s mostly about translating dialogues. In order for the lines to work, it’s always interesting to have real authors writing in French all of those foreign characters speech bubbles. As a result, Laurent Queyssi is a novelist, Edmond Tourriol writes comics, and Stephan Boschat (under the exotic alias Migoto Sen Chu) is a manga writer! Better than a simple literary translation service, MAKMA is a true comic transcreation agency.

In order to rapidly respond to the publisher’s even most urgent needs, MAKMA works with more than fifteen comic translators: Mathieu Auverdin, Stephan Boschat, Philippe Dos Santos, Camille Gardeil, Sarah Grassart, Angélique Lambert, Maxime Le Dain, Stéphane Le Troëdec, Gaël Legeard, Nicolas Meylaender, Anne-Laure Moumal, Laurent Queyssi, Benjamin Rivière, Edmond Tourriol, Caroline Chevalier, Benjamin Viette.

MAKMA translators at the Angoulême International Comics Festival: Benjamin Viette, Ed Tourriol, Sarah Grassart, Camille Gardeil, Mathieu Auverdin. Photo credit: JB Merle.

A comic translation service that started in 2001

MAKMA’s comic translation services started in 2001, when Edmond Tourriol started to work on the French version of his first comics for publisher Semic. Under Jean-François Porcherot supervision, he thus translated the sequel to The Creech before doing many titles from the CrossGen universe: The First, Mystic, Sigil, Crux, Meridian, Negation, Scion … It was only after proving himself on those titles as well as Vampi (the “manga-styled” version of Vampirella), that Tourriol had the opportunity to work on DC superheroes like with The Death of Superman, the Titans by Geoff Johns, the Outsiders, up until Jim Lee’s famous issues on Batman and Superman. Thanks to those various works, our experimented translator confidently did the French version of the JLA/Avengers crossover, a true kid’s dream!

Before stopping his collaboration with Semic, he began the translation of what would become his longest comic book series: Walking Dead! Indeed, being a huge fan of writer Robert Kirkman, Edmond had already translated the first issues of the Invicible series, and was thus understandably tasked the zombie series that was unknown at the time. However, the first volume published by Semic was a failure and it’s only when Delcourt republished the Walking Dead series that it gained true editorial success (and that was way before the TV show). Since then, Edmond Tourriol has kept translating the number one comic book series in France as well as some DC titles that he enjoys for Urban Comics: Before Watchmen, Green Lantern, Justice League, Lobo, Doomsday Clock and Rorschach!

An efficient team for all kinds of translations

Alongside Edmond Tourriol when it comes to translation, Benjamin “KGBen” Rivière diversify his activity as a comic translator in two ways : the super (anti)heroes from Marvel and DC, like Deadpool or Harley Quinn for instance, and independent series like Casanova or Descender. He recently worked on the French adaptation of the comic book Gideon Falls for Urban Comics.

After doing an internship as a script translator for foreign artists who were working with MAKMA, Mathieu Auverdin now works on the translation of major comics such as Darth Vader or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Nicolas “Nick” Meylaender is specialized in the translation of old-school stories for Panini Comics les intégrales Marvel. He translated them all: Captain America, New Mutants, Spider-Man, Thor, Venom, X-Men

Since 2019, we’ve also been working on the translation of numerous webtoons, such as Lumine, unOrdinary, Subzero, Edith, Cursed Princess Club as well as Fille d’Argent, Fille Corbeau.

Publishers recommend our translation service

The publishers that commissioned MAKMA to make their comic translations have always been satisfied with our work. Publishers never fail to commission us new French adaptation tasks. Like HiComics editor-in-chief Sullivan Rouaud explained: “the studio [is doing] a wonderful work with its team of translators”.

NB: aside from a good comic and manhua translation, it’s important to be particularly attentive to the lettering of comics (the art of putting words in the speech bubbles) !