Comic Events

MAKMA’s authors regularly take part in all sorts of comic events: festivals, trade fairs, signing sessions, library meetings, conferences, round table discussions, etc. This page’s objective is to list those events where you can encounter the Makmen.

We were there

Week-end BD at Gradignan 2018: on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October 2018, in the Solarium room in Gradignan (Gironde), an important amount of MAKMA authors did a signing session. Albert Carreres for Epic Lanes, Dominique Clère for Neymar Style, Daricy for Passe la BAC d’abord, Denis Lapierre for Châtaigne, Samuel Ménétrier for Malenfer, Edmond Tourriol for Z United. Other Makmen joined the studio’s booth for rapid signing sessions (Daniel Fernandes, Ben Basso).

On Saturday November 17th of 2018, Edmond Tourriol took part in a round table discussion about “writing mangas” at Bordeaux’s e-artsup school of numeric creation (51 rue Camille Godard).

Bassin Geek Festival 2018: at the parc expo at La Teste de Buch (Gironde), you were able to attend a comic conference held by Edmond Tourriol about Negan French dialogues in the Walking Dead comic. You were also able to applaud Talia Tourriol on stage (yes, it’s the daughter of the guy we just talked about) for a double showcase of four songs which included the theme of Z United !

On Saturday 12/15 and Sunday 12/16/2018, at the Domaine de Birot marché de Noël in Izon (Gironde), Edmond Tourriol did a signing session for his comics Banc de Touche, Zlatan Style and Neymar Style as well as his mangas Z United and PSG Infinity.

On Saturday 01/12/2019, artist Samuel Ménétrier did a signing session for the preview of his comic series Malenfer’s second volume at the Bulle en Cavale library at 52 rue de la République – 17300 Rochefort.

On Saturday 01/19/2018, artist Sam Ménétrier did a signing session for Malenfer first and second volumes at the Callimages library in La Rochelle.

From Thursday 01/24/19 to Sunday 01/27/19, the MAKMA team was present at the Angoulême International Comics Festival on a stall located in the Champ de Mars shopping centre with Denis Lapierre for Châtaigne, Daricy for Passe la BAC d’abord, Dominique Clère and Antoine Kompf for Neymar Style. Stephan Boschat and Edmond Tourriol also took the time to look at artist and colorist portfolios.

On Friday 02/01/19, Edmond Tourriol animated an event for “teenagers” at the Librairie des Chartrons (17, Cours Saint Louis, 33300 Bordeaux). The schedule: discussions and signing session for the manga L’équipe Z.

On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of February 2019, manga writer Edmond Tourriol was present at the Poitiers Geek Festival on a MAKMA stall to sign his manga L’équipe Z and his volumes Banc de Touche or Neymar Style. He also held a conference called “How I became a comic translator”. Denis Lapierre did several body paints with his models Océane and Marie.

On Saturday March 23rd, artist, inker and colorist Antoine Kompf did a signing session for his comics Neymar Style and Le Havre at the salon BD in Vernon.

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of March 2019, artist Samuel Ménétrier did a signing session for the first and second volumes of his youth comic Malenfer at the salon du livre de Thénac (Charente Maritime).

On Saturday April 27th 2019, writer Edmond Tourriol and artist Denis Lapierre were at the Animasia Le Haillan festival at L’Entrepôt, from 11 o’clock to 19 o’clock (13 Rue Georges Clémenceau – 33185 Le Haillan).

On the week-end from the 8th to the 10th of June 2019, the Bordeaux Geek Festival welcomed artist Denis Lapierre and writer Edmond Tourriol for a signing session on a MAKMA stall for the fifth edition of the Bordeaux event !

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of October 2019, Edmond Tourriol did a signing session for the manga L’équipe Z and the comic Banc de Touche at the comic festival of Barsac (Gironde).

On Saturday 26th of October 2019, we were at the Gonesse for the Destination Manga festival with mangaka artist SiB and writer Edmond Tourriol doing a signing session for PSG Infinity and L’équipe Z.  The latest manga was even the headline of an exposition showcasing 20 panels detailing its creation ! Furthermore, SiB was (very) available to draw manga-styled portraits of the visitors !

On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of November 2019, a great deal of Makmen were present at The Week-end BD of Gradignan: the huge Spanish mangaka Albert Carreres did a signing session alongside its writer Edmond Tourriol, for the preview of L’équipe Z third volume. Denis Lapierre presented his youth book Le Peuple Châtaigne and Samuel Ménétrier did a signing session for Malenfer third volume !

On the 24th of November 2019, Denis Lapierre did a signing session at the 2019 Perles de BD trade fair in Teich in Gironde.

Invite us to your comic events

Are you putting together a comic trade fair ? Do you want to do a signing session with one of our comic authors ? Do you want to hold a conference with a Makman ? Are you considering doing a comic workshop with an artist from MAKMA ? Contact us !