The recruitment of our new employees is an important topic for us at MAKMA. We are always interested in finding new talents.

Priority to artists and colorists

Right now, we are essentially looking for manga/webtoon artists. If what you prefer is to simply pencil, that’s not a problem. Furthermore, we are also recruiting inkers. We are interested in finding new colorists as well.

Recruitment of comic letterers

We need letterers who master Indesign and Photoshop. Please contact us by sending your resume, demo and cover letter!

No recruitment of writers

We are looking for neither writers nor carefully crafted stories: don’t send us anything.

We are recruiting translators from Korean to English and from Japanese to English.

We are not recruiting for other languages (as there is no demand), but we never know. You can still send us your resume if you speak a language that is not on this list: the world is full of surprises.

How to send us your portfolio ?

Only by email, at, with a maximum of about ten pages, in .jpg, .png or pdf. format.