Stephan Boschat

Stephan Boschat doesn’t just write stories, letter comics and mangas, or translate comics, he also stays healthy through a good diet and physical exercices.

Stephan Boschat co-founded MAKMA with Edmond Tourriol. After graduating in science, communication and law, it’s only natural that he followed a path linked to comics. He thus became a symbol of devotion to the cause by assuming the role of Captain Amazing as well as the mental strain that comes along with it. Fortunately, his alter ego Migoto Sen Chu is carefully watching over that.

You have to understand that Stephan Boschat is first and foremost a sweet dreamer. He’s always been trying to adapt to the world’s reality but he doesn’t get any of that. He was told that in order to get a good job and be financially secure, you needed to study. And at the same time, he understood that you only have one life and that you need to live your passions. Above all, do the job that you’ve been dreaming of doing since you were a kid.

Stephan Boschat was born in Reims. He would spend a part of his holidays in his grandfather’s cinema in Quillan in the Aude, and with his friend, he drew and created universes inspired by his reads and the cartoons that he loved like Captain Future. He had a younger brother named Michaël. And most importantly, he fell in love easily and at the time, the girls would fall for him as well. 

So, he drew, a lot, and quite well according to his relatives. For this hobby, he would find most of his inspirations in French-Belgian comics (Tintin, Gaston, Asterix, Pif Gadget, just to name the classics) and American comics (Strange, Spécial Strange, Titans, Spidey, and let’s not forget a few Picsou Magazine). This is probably where the idea came that, one day, he would also love to work on (or live in?) a comic, a universe that he has since never ceased to explore until diving into mangas which came out a little later on the French market. He had loved Space Adventure Cobra. Akira was a slap in the face for him. He definitely got into it with Battle Royale.

And then, he was faced with the harsh reality while going through his teenage years and entering the world of adults in Bordeaux. After finishing his studies, doing a journalistic military service, writing short stories, having student jobs (sometimes linked to drawing) as a cinema projectionist or as a science and mathematics teacher, getting involved in various sports activities, going out with his friends, our happy fellow eventually found a real job like everyone else. He ended up at the head of Transtech, an organization dedicated to help inventors. Even though this allowed him to make two comic projects (Les Inventifs, une idée et après… and La Brigade des Inventifs) and live great adventures, Stephan realized that maybe he was missing something.

It’s around the same time that he got involved in a newly created association: Climax Comics. Edmond Tourriol had posted a recruitment ad to find new talents in a magazine called Comic Box, which was also beginning at the time and that he greatly enjoyed. Of course, he thought that he would be drawing but other more obvious and useful talents at the time got to do that. He thus got involved in what would become his specialty instead: managing what the others don’t want to do. It’s probably from there, aside from the movie Mystery Men, that the origins of his name Captain Amazing comes from. With Edmond, they thus shared the administrative and team management, printing, lettering and story writing tasks. In short, this was what would later become MAKMA.

After spending a few years during which he was dedicated only partially to his author/letterer activity, he’s been almost entirely dedicated to MAKMA since 2012. Even though he’s still having a hard time staying still.

When it comes to MAKMA, aside from his role as a manager, Stephan Boschat was able to structure a method and gather a team in the graphic and lettering section capable of responding to any need as fast as possible. Our Captain Amazing is particularly proud to have lettered the three Batman Dark Knight volumes (published by Urban Comics), a small portion of the Doomsday Clock event with The Button, and generally speaking, many DC Comics series. He was also happy to translate an issue of Deadpool from Spanish to French for Panini. More recently, he worked on many Disney Hachette Presse series with among them The Duck Avenger, a series that he loved as a kid. With Edmond Tourriol, he manages  a team capable of handling the challenges linked to creating comic collections (translation, lettering and proofreading) for Hachette with Marvel : le Meilleur des super-héros, Marvel : la Collection de référence and Conan under Panini’s supervision. 

He especially enjoys his writing activity the most. He doesn’t write much, as if he could only allow himself those moments when all the other tasks were done. He participated in the writing of Mix-Man (a series from a magazine of the same name published by Milan Presse) and after making his debut on the series Last Seduxion published by les Humanoïdes Associés (Shogun label), he got the opportunity to write the stories for the manga Amour Sucré under the alias Migoto Sen Chu (five volumes were published by Akileos) which was quite successful (best-selling shojo from 2012 to 2015). He then managed the collective writing (like for an American TV show !) of the manga Urban Rivals (2 volumes were published by Delcourt) and recently worked as a script doctor on the Epic Lanes manga (published by Hachette Comics). After his aliases, Stephan Boschat got the honor of having his name being displayed at the top of the poster for his comic Les Sociétés Secrètes (published by Dargaud).

Stephan Boschat knows today that the possibilities are endless for anybody who knows how to cease them. As for his projects whether it is with the studio, in comics, but also in animation and games, he has plenty of them ! And one day, he will write and draw his own universe. But he keeps the best for last.